Rujie profile

Rujie means "beautiful and pure water are overflowing"


Date of birth / 1995.06.29
Blood type / Type A
Birthplace / Japan(Tokyo)
Like / Painting and Singing


‘Night and Day’ ‘BreakThrough’ ’Song Of Solomon’


1st ‘The Stream’ (3 songs):
breath / Beside the Waters / The Stream
2nd‘Father’s Love’ (4 songs):
In the Beginning / Sky High / Shekhinah / Life is Runway

Rujie’s Profile

Born and raised in Japan. She has lived surrounded by music and enjoyed hymns or gospel when she was a little girl.

She has experiences as a model in her student days.
After graduating from high school, she made her debut as a singer.
‘Night and Day’, ‘BreakThrough’ and ’Song Of Solomon’ were released as single.

Since she was 22 years old, practiced the piano by herself and started to sing with piano.

Always be with the piano to praise the Lord and visit Australia, Korea, Malaysia and the US.
She performed at a live concert in a different places like a church invited her, and had an experience to perform in David’s Tent DC.

Since 2016, she was spotted her talent by the most famous singer-songwriter, David D. Choe, after that she has been trained by him in person.

As of 2019, she works for The Crown Production Co., Ltd.and since March 2020, she has been CEO at the company. In July 2020, she launched her original brand “ Rujie’s closet” and has been worked as a designer.

It wouldn’t be imagined that such a powerful voice comes from her small body and grows like a flowing stream through a valley.

Rujie means “beautiful and pure water are overflowing”.Her existence is to praise and delivers life and love.
In the middle of hustle and bustle of the city, her live performance is just like an oasis.

When she performs in live, most of the audiences would have an experience to “shed tears” or “sleep”.
Healing and peaceful heart is for you.