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    I’m very grateful for all your supports.
    I’m going to live performances, make recordings and make CDs to cause revivals by worship.
    I would appreciate if you could contribute.
    Thank you.

    The Name Financial InstitutionJapan Post Bank
    Branch (Tenmei)138 (ichi-san-hachi)
    Account Number(Ordinary) 0638676
    Nameザ クラウン プロダクション(カ
     (The Crown Production Co., Ltd. *1)
    RemarksIf you transfer from Japan Post Bank, please confirm below.
    【Kigo (code number)】11330
    【Bango (account number)】06386761

    (*1) “The Crown Production Co., Ltd.” is the company Rujie herself serves as CEO.

    I would be glad if you let me know the above form, if you transfer the collection.