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I am broadcasting on my radio show at ShibuyaCross-FM twice every month.
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The 7th broadcast is on

And the guest is…
Momo, Yukina and Miyu from Gal’s House will be on our show!
I will definitely have a good time so
please look forward to it!

Radio『Rujie Wants to Know About You』

Program NameRujie Wants to Know About You vol.7
The program details are hereから
Broadcast Date【7th】7/10(Sun) 4:00〜4:50pm
GuestGal’s House (Momo, Yukina and Miyu)
Notes※The broadcast is every month below.
 ・The second Sunday 4:00pm~
 ・The fourth Wednesday 9:00pm~

Thank you for all of your supports!